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Social Media: The Future of Digital Marketing or the Present?

Social Media: The Future of Digital Marketing or the Present?

Posted on May 6, 2019, 9:00:00 AM GMT

There was a time when social media was simply a fun way to stay in touch with your friends or share nonsensical videos on the internet. That time is over. Social media is now the new cold call. Why waste an entire day dropping in on businesses who MAY want to do business with you, when you can fire off a post in 30 seconds and let them come to you? Obviously, it isn’t always that easy, but the point remains the same. With effective use of social media, you can reach a much wider audience in a fraction of the time.

Social media can be particularly effective in the mortgage industry. As anyone in the industry knows, things change—FAST. Mortgage rates change daily, so rapid communication is key to keep your customers up to date. In this day and age, social media is the most efficient channel to make that happen.

As with anything, there will always be pitfalls. Technology is constantly evolving, and it takes time for loan officers, account executives, brokers and other mortgage professionals to get the hang of using new social media apps and sites. It’s also worth noting that social media apps tend to ebb and flow in popularity. Twitter was the craze yesterday, Instagram today and who knows about tomorrow.

According to the most popular sites for mortgage marketing are:

Popular Sites
Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
Instagram YouTube Pinterest
Tumblr Flickr Reddit
Snapchat Vine Periscope
WhatsApp Quora Biz Sugar
StumbleUpon Delicious Digg

Clearly, the prospect of so many different sites can be challenging. The key is to find the social media sites that best fit the demographics you are trying to reach. It’s always better to start small and expand once you have success. It may take some time to find the sites that best reach those you are trying to market to, but once you do, the payoff can be more than worth it.