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The mortgage industry is dependent on connections, with a constant need for fresh leads and opportunities. These creative lead capture ideas go beyond handing out your business card at networking functions, and can help you rejuvenate your business.

Try a few of these online options today…


Develop an Online Strategy

A long-term, layered online strategy can help you generate unique, quality leads. Connecting with local real estate agents in your area is one way to do this. If they are active on social media, make an effort to Like and Retweet their content and get noticed. This is a subtle strategy to start getting your name out there. Next, once you’ve begun to form a relationship, ask local real estate agents to contribute to your blog or interview them for an article. This tactic will further develop your relationships and increase the chances that they will share your content on their channels — helping you to get noticed.

Likewise, you can highlight real estate agents as resources on your website. A real estate agent will see this as free advertising and be more likely to provide you with referrals. Using online platforms is a sound strategy for developing symbiotic relationships that will lead to referrals down the line. Similarly, furthering your relationships with real estate agents can help you open the door for co-marketing opportunities.

Use Social Media

Social Media should form the backbone of your online strategy. B2C marketers acquire more than 70% of leads through Facebook and 65% through LinkedIn. Facebook and LinkedIn offer robust advertising platforms that enable you to target based on demographics, making it easy to serve ads directly to prospects. LinkedIn will allow you to advertise segmented by industry, and Facebook makes it easy to advertise based on custom audiences built from collected emails. By advertising a landing page you can easily capture emails and leads that you can then use for email marketing.

Stay Active Online

Besides actively pursuing leads, you need to build a glowing reputation. You can manage your Internet presence by registering your business on Google My Business and encouraging current customers to leave positive online reviews – both can potentially help prospective customers make the decision to contact you and do business. Keep your website up to date and be sure to include a contact form where potential customers can get in touch. After that, it’s up to you to market to your leads.

As with any tactic, you need to commit to it before you can determine if it works or not. Try one of these strategies for six months and, if it’s not working, pivot to something else. With hard work and determination, you can cultivate leads to grow and
improve your brokerage.

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