Housing Market Sees Most First-Time Home Buyers Since 2005

October 25, 2018

It’s a lot easier to buy your first home when you feel good about your job prospects and the economy. For many, the time is now as strong economic news and positive employment trends are empowering buyers to purchase their first home. According to a new report in REALTOR ® Magazine, first-time homebuyers are jumping off the fence and into their own homes at the highest rate since 2005. Despite…


4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Steps For Generating Mortgage Leads in Your Sleep  

June 1, 2018

Generating new leads is important to all mortgage brokers, but when do you find the time? Enter Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is a technique used by business owners and marketers around the world to gain prospects by increasing website traffic through search engines, like Google and Bing. Brokers, too, can benefit from SEO, driving traffic to a website or landing page and generating leads, even while sound asleep. How…


Creative Online Lead Capture

Creative Online Lead Capture
May 15, 2018

  The mortgage industry is dependent on connections, with a constant need for fresh leads and opportunities. These creative lead capture ideas go beyond handing out your business card at networking functions, and can help you rejuvenate your business. Try a few of these online options today… Develop an Online Strategy A long-term, layered online strategy can help you generate unique, quality leads. Connecting with local real estate agents in…


3 Tactics to Add More Millennials to Your Pipeline

April 12, 2018

Education: Develop educational resources that cater to millennials. Design a shareable, graphically appealing breakdown of the mortgage process that showcases programs targeted to first-time homebuyers and focuses on the benefits of homeownership over renting. Communication Preferences: Meet millennials where they go for their information by investing in online marketing through targeted social media ads across a variety of platforms. Ask prospective customers how they like to communicate – text, email,…


How to Get Your Loan Approved Faster

March 13, 2018

Often the Universal Residential Loan Application (or the good old “ten-o-three” form) is submitted with missing fields and this may impact the time it takes to close a loan. Submitting a complete and accurate 1003 can help you avoid delays, and ultimately speed up the loan process. We polled our team of expert underwriters, to determine what mistakes they most commonly see on the 1003 form and provided some tips…


3 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Broker

February 12, 2018

Perhaps, like many, one of your goals this year is advancing your career. Establishing your career as a broker can be difficult, as you not only navigate a complicated process, but also work on gaining and retaining valuable clients. However, as many know, a career as a broker is often rewarding -helping others achieve the dream of homeownership brings with it a true feeling of accomplishment. Focus on the Big Picture…


2018 Housing Market Predictions

February 9, 2018

The 2018 housing market will bring with it some good, some bad, and a lot of opportunity! It’s no surprise that inventory is expected to continue to tighten, but what else can we anticipate from the housing market in 2018? See our infographic below. Nervous for some of the hurdles 2018 brings? Want to capitalize on all of the predicted market opportunity? Contact a Freedom Mortgage Account Executive today!


6 Valuable CRM Systems for Mortgage Brokers

January 15, 2018

Managing relationships is a crucial part of the job for mortgage brokers. Fortunately, Rolodexes are long gone and cloud-based CRM systems can take the hassle out of connecting with borrowers. There are a few CRM systems that go above and beyond an average sales platform and are tailored to fit your needs.   With an up-to-date CRM system, you can more efficiently control your brand and take control of your…


What are the Top 5 Home Buying Hurdles Millennials Face?

January 8, 2018

It’s no secret that first-time homebuyers are struggling to find affordable housing in today’s competitive market. Millennials make up about 42% of all buyers on the market and 70% of first-time buyers.* While many Millennials are looking to stop renting and move into a home, there are common obstacles. Check out the infographic below for “The Top 5 Home Buying Hurdles According to Millennials.”     Freedom Mortgage Wholesale offers a…